Online Research Panel, a longitudinal research panel for the social and economic sciences

ORP, acronym for Online Research Panel this is the name chosen for one of the new services – at an advanced stage of development – for the analysis of topics relevant to the social and economic sciences that the esearchers of the CNR-IRCrES, responsible for the construction of this panel in FOSSR, will soon make available according to the principles of Open Science. A research tool that aims to be a reliable source of data, able to guarantee a broad, accurate and diversified representation of the Italian adult population.

The Online Research Panel is in fact composed of a selection of Italian citizens who will be interviewed regularly, through online surveys, on issues concerning politics, health, the economy, society and the environment, thus collecting data on the behaviour, preferences and attitudes of the population, in a rapid and scientifically validated manner.

Among the peculiarities of ORP is its ability to reach and involve a wide range of the population, to study traditionally under-represented groups, such as PhDs (who constitute a focus that ORP has chosen to select as a highly qualified workforce, and therefore significant for the analysis of advanced labour market dynamics).

One of ORP’s objectives is to bring together research from different scientific disciplines, allowing researchers and policy makers to have a transversal, articulated and in-depth view of the evolution of social phenomena, offering valuable insights for the development of public policies for sustainable and inclusive economic growth in line with the SDGs of the European Agenda

*picture credits: Rob Curran on Unsplash